Hear from Attendees


“Xperience Connections is in a class all by its self!  Since I’ve been with XC, I have experienced growth not only in my business but personally. Through XC I have met so many amazing women and built some long lasting relationships.”   11/30/16


Luvenia Parker, Get Healthy 2 Live!   https://www.facebook.com/gethealthy2live/   gethealthy2live@gmail.com 

Luvenia Parker
Youngevity Essential Life Sciences


“I really enjoyed your Xperience Connections  and meeting so many enthusiastic and energic women that are doing so many wonderful things. The diversity is great, and I’m looking forward to attending a future meeting as well as sharing more about our program.”  11/30/16


Contact Linda at contactus@christopherstallworthfoundation.com

Linda Stallworth
Christopher Stallworth Foundation


“I began going to the Xperience Connections meetings this fall to network and advertise my business in the community, but I found that in addition to accomplishing that, that the meetings have helped me stay encouraged, feel supported, and provided the opportunity to learn from other wonderful business professionals. For those relationships I am most thankful.”  11/30/16


Contact Caitlin at lifedogtraining@gmail.com

Caitlin Crittenden
LIFE Dog Training

I am a medical massage therapist. I work in an office and out of my home. I really wanted to find a new office to work in. I also felt like I was lacking female friendship, and I wanted to surround myself with positive, uplifting friends in general. So I started going to a few XC meetings. I instantly found a wonderful group of super positive, supportive women friends. I gained many new friends, with a few deep friendships like I was needing. I thought it was totally worth it to pay $20 to go eat a nice meal in a comfortable home environment while I enjoyed the company of my many new friends. I would pay $20 to go eat in a restaurant with some friends, so why not pay it to go eat and network, too?

But best of all is where I am in my business today! I attended my first XC in September. Now, at the end of April, I have attended 13 XCs, for a total of $260. But I have earned thousands of dollars from new clients! My new clients have been people I have met directly, plus referrals from people I have met but who are not themselves clients. Many of these people keep coming again and again. My home business is booming so much that working in the office is now getting in the way. So I just quit this job I have wanted badly to leave for a year!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, XC community!



Wendy Elmore
Medical Message

I first want to thank you again for the impact you have had on me as an individual and also for the personal attention you showed me with your very sweet message. Since attending my first meeting in Milton hosted by Carol and Susan I have been recruiting other ladies and raving about the inspiration and encouragement I received from XC. I am so excited to see the growth and exposure collaborating with Carol and Tracee is going to bring forth. With your vision and their branding power, the possibilities are endless. I can’t stop raving about how fantastic XC is and just have to share with any woman I connect with who also believes in the value of supporting each other towards success.

Allison Patterson
Liberty Mutual

My first experience with Xperience Connections was so positive and empowering. I actually attended the Terrell Mill/Powers Ferry event that is lead by Deirdre Johnson. The women that were included in this group have so much to offer whether it’s exchange of services or advice. It’s always nice when women can come together and promote growth and new relationships. This is definitely a group I will continue to be part of.  

Teva Bowie
Massage Therapist

I just attended my very first Xperience Connections networking event and I cannot say enough good things about my experience! I arrived a little nervous, not knowing what to expect and finding other networking groups to be a bit daunting, but I was welcomed immediately by warm and friendly women who were genuinely interested in getting to know me and helping me grow as an individual. It might seem crazy, but the 3 hours I spent with these passionate, successful ladies of Xperience Connections (Alpharetta/Milton) was life changing. I almost feel guilty for how much I was impacted by everyone I met, but that has only further inspired me to find ways to share support and encouragement with others in the future. To say I would recommend Xperience Connections to other women would be an understatement. By the time my first meeting came to a close, my heart was warm and glowing from all of the support and positive energy I received. I think it would be impossible to be unsuccessful in life when you belong to a group such as this one. I have already reserved my place for the next two meetings, and I look forward to many, many more after that. I am so grateful for Bonnie, Carol, Susan, and all of the other wonderful ladies in attendance for impacting me in such a remarkable way, and I look forward to seeing you soon!

Allison Patterson
Liberty Mutual Insurance

I have participated at Xperience Connections meetings in Buford, GA for several months now, and recently went to the one in Milton/Alpharetta, GA. I really enjoy myself every time! All the women are warm and welcoming. I just really benefit from the positive female energy in the room! We are all entrepreneurs, and we are there to get to know each other better so we can build friendships and networks and to help one  another grow our businesses. From last week’s meeting in Milton, I have already gotten several new clients – just from 1 meeting! Thank you, Carol and Susan! 


I love the atmosphere of XC – a small group meeting in a home seems a lot quieter and cozier to me than meeting in a restaurant, and as I said, I love the helpful, non-competing feminine energy. I truly look forward to the next meetings in both Milton and Buford! I anticipate being with other like-minded women, and look forward to seeing who else is out there who is in pain or knows someone else who is in pain who could benefit from my advanced training and knowledge. 

Wendy Elmore
Massage Therapist

My phone won’t allow me to type this message in a font big enough to truly convey my gratitude but THANK YOU SO MUCH! This was everything networking should be: a warm, productive and enthusiastic exchange of ideas and encouragement. Bonnie, you have built something truly special here and I look forward to being part of it as long as you will have me. Attending XC was the best decision I’ve made this month, if not all year!

Jillian A. Wells

XC has just been the best networking venue for me and my business.   It is such a welcoming and comfortable format … I felt right at home from the very first meeting I attended.  XC has also provided a measurable boost to my business and generated more revenue for me in six months than I received in over two years attending a well-known international networking organization.

Pat Hand
Dancing Moon Travel

XC is a wonderful way to meet other independent, amazing, intelligent and passionate entrepreneurial women. The fellowship’s inspiring and the format of the meeting is efficient and well thought through. What a pleasure and a honor to be included in this forum.

Judy Sargent
Sargent Workflow Solutions

I love XC!! It’s such a wonderful way to connect with other business women and share from our hearts. Thank you, Bonnie, for creating the space for magic to happen!!

Naomi Ratner
Aroma Wrap

I met Bonnie over a year ago when she came to do a healing session with me. Her passion, her enthusiasm and her joy for life was simply contagious. I still have the Xperience Connections Thank You card she sent me in my office for inspiration. It was always my intention to come to a meeting but it took me a little longer than I expected. It was worth the wait! I have already paid for the next meeting in Alpharetta, GA and the one in Roswell, GA, too! One of the things I’ve learned as a business owner and a consumer is it’s about building relationships. We buy things from people we like. XC builds friendships. XC makes networking fun. Girls just want to have fun! I have been looking for a networking community I could connect to since starting my business in 2011. The search is over.

Mindy Strich
Healing Heart Energy

Thank you Bonnie for always setting the bar so high!  The XC Anniversary was a beautiful affair and I loved it!

Shan Thomas

Attending Xperience Connections was the best thing I could have done for my business!  The women were so kind and encouraging!  Not to mention what a special person Bonnie is.  She makes the whole experience worthwhile!  Consider attending.  You’ll be glad you did!

Elisa Iannilli
Decatur CoWorks

Xperience Connections is a beautiful way to share and grow your network with amazing and talented women. Bonnie creates a warm and welcoming environment where you feel comfort and ease as you share your passions with other passionate women. A great way to create strong and empowering connections.

Haley Compretta
Intuitive Coach

Hey there, Bonnie.  I love coming to the Xperience events.  It is the first networking group I’ve attended where ALL ladies are helpful, warm and gracious even if you are in the same line of work. On one of the first events I attended I had suggestions from a lady who is in the same industry on how I could make my 3 minute presentation better. At another event I was overwhelmed by the tasks I needed to accomplish to start my business.

Another lady I had met at a previous event sat and talked to me. She encouraged me and even called me a week or so later to catch up with me on my progress. It touches my heart that the ladies attending these events care more about relationships than about selling their products or services. I am so blessed to be a part of this community.

Sandra Hoeffner
Awe Inspiring Solutions

Ladies, if you are looking for a networking group with a purpose and one that is different, Xperience Connections is for you.  I have been attending Bonnie Ross Parker’s networking events for almost two years.  I keep coming back, first and foremost, because of Bonnie and what she stands for.  She is a passionate professional with a huge heart and a burning desire to make a difference in women’s lives.  She has done that and more.  She has developed a format which allows professional women to enjoy a delicious meal together, visit with each other and spend 3-minutes promoting their business in a very safe and loving atmosphere.  True meaningful and lasting personal and business relationships are created.   Doesn’t get any better than that!

Claudia Bailey
Nerium, Intl

Bonnie, It’s truly an honor to attend Xperience Connections. I appreciate that you have established such a beneficial organization that offers so much value. It was great re-connecting with you recently, as it has been many years since we have seen each other. The XC meetings are fabulous and I am very excited about being a part of them!

Kathy May Toth
Silverton Mortgage

I love the Xperience Connections events.  Everyone is encouraging.  I really appreciate the format of the get togethers where each person gets three minutes to talk about her business. I have only been to three events but I am definitely going to continue to attend. I love how these events create an environment for building relationships

Sandra Hoeffner
Elite Lifestyle Builders

Testimony from Ursula Berlinger:

“Hello Carol……am finally getting around to dropping you a quick note re the power of your networking group in finding me a new home! Because I met Kate Bakon at your first meeting, we subsequently became facebook friends. While Kate was in Boston, she posted a listing of an adorable little apartment in Old Roswell for her friend, who was looking for a new tenant. Within 24 hours, I had seen and leased the apartment and am thrilled to say I have now moved in. I feel I have also gained a new friend in my landlady who is a BFF of Kate’s. I always knew networking was positive but this is divine intervention as well!

I have met such wonderful ladies through Xperience Connections and look forward to the March evening event to come. All the best, Ursula”

February 12, 2015 I returned to JOC/Xperience Connections 9 years and two relocations later.  My return was as rewarding and uplifting as the very first networking event I attended.  The Joy of Connecting  helped me find my true self and stay sane during a very difficult career transition in 2006, and I am so excited about returning, building new and fresh connections and giving back so that some other woman who may be in the same situation I was in 9 years ago may find her true self as a small business owner.  Thanks Bonnie for such an amazing platform and awesome network of women.

Tynetta Ali
21st Dynasty Events

The positive energy and support from the women of XC has been phenomenal since the first meeting I attended. I came in hopes of growing my business and meeting more women, I left with motivation, inspiration, new connections and a few appointments on my book. A year later I became an XC Leader. XC has offered me multiple opportunities, I love leading a local event.  It’s allowed me to be involved in my community,  help other women build their business and build relationships with like-minded women as well as grow my business.  There is such an amazing energy that is always present at each XC meeting. Thank you Bonnie for this organization and setting the tone so that others grasp the positive influence of making connections that last.

Kristin Morris
Hair Stylist

The XC networking experience is like none other!  The 3-minute per person intro, quality business lead exchange and interest to engage one another’s products and services are genuine!

Pamela McKinney
Look Younger Atlanta - Instantly Ageless

“I just have to tell everyone what an impact Bonnie Ross Parkers XPerience Connections has had on my life just this past year that I have been exposed to it. I have grown exponentially through all the diverse and wonderful connections, and experiences with each that I have reconnected with from her meetings, than I have from any other networking groups I am involved with, (and I use to go to A LOT!)

These strong and inspirational groups of women are there to help you to your greater purpose any way they can! They are the most unselfish and encouraging group of women that I know! Thank you ALL for the love and encouragements to lift others to greater levels! You all are the BEST!  Especially, my sweet Bonnie!!! I have even and FINALLY started my long awaited book !!!!”

Pamela Greene Winderweedle
Chebar Ministries

It was such a fantastic Latina XC Meeting last night!! I am overjoyed at how well these meetings are growing. We will touch many Latinas business owners lives in the community!  | Fue un fantástico Meeting XC Latina anoche! Estoy muy contento de lo bien que estas reuniones están creciendo. Tocaremos muchas mujeres latinas en la comunidad! 

Diana Perez | Yesterday  

 Edita Aranda Monsalve | I had a wonderful experience participating in a group meeting tonight, Xperience Connection networking group is great! — with Diana Perez and 2 others.

Thanks to each and every one of you! 

It was such a pleasure to connect with you, hear what you’re up to in your professional life and business, and how we can assist each other. It is also with great pleasure, to send you the final attendance roster of the 20 professional business women. As a leader, I encourage you to stay in touch with one another. Use this list with integrity and build relationships regardless of whether or not you become customers. You never know where a connection will lead! 

Also, would you do me a favor and take a few minutes to think about other talented women who have not had the Xperience Connections experience, or who have not visited one of our meetings in awhile. Please invite these ladies to the next XC Dunwoody meeting, as we don’t want to keep all of this fun, growth and opportunity to ourselves…let’s share this unique relationship-building experience!  🙂

Create a fun and fruitful month – professionally & personally, ladies!

Robin C. Crawford


Robin C. Crawford
Design Your Best Work Life

“My first time visit at Xperience Connections was great. The women participating were so welcoming, and it was a great environment for learning more about other small businesses and entrepreneurs while making valuable, genuine connections. Rather than feeling rushed or bombarded by sales pitches and the exchange of business cards, it was a pleasant morning of conversation and learning. I’m looking forward to the next one!”

Kelly Nightingale

Bambi Shen:  “I’ve gotten new business every time I attend one of these lunches” 

​Carol Ducak: “XC KC is an excellent opportunity to ​exchange business ideas and services,  in addition to forming new friendships and partnerships.”

Michele Freeman: “I wouldn’t have gotten connected with these wonderful women without these lunches, to say nothing of the business I’m gaining from them.”


Testimonies from:  WINNIE WEINRICH, XC Leader KC 

I researched Xperience Connections after hearing Diana Perez talk about it at a networking meetup.  As I do everything I googled it and was immediately drawn to the focus on women connecting with women.  My first experience was wonderful and inspiring.  The ladies in attendance were warm, genuine and passionate about what they do. I look forward to becoming a part of this group and sharing it with other women who are looking for genuine connections to be inspired and grow their businesses.”

Kim Kennedy
Evolv Health

“I didn’t even know I needed XC until I attended my first Xperience Connections event.  Now I never want to miss a meeting!  The quality of information and connections I have made through Bonnie’s networking group have boosted my confidence, sparked new ideas, elevated my productivity, and constantly remind me why I started my business. The dynamic energy and the group’s genuine enthusiasm and support are awesome and uplifting!”

Lisa Plato
Little Sign Design

“Hi Bonnie-  My virtual assistance business is booming and,  as you are well aware, my life continues to be one big balancing act! I do want you to know, however, that my relationship with your great organization has fostered wonderful relationships & business that might not have happened otherwise.  One of my best,  long term clients,  Susan Brown (Impact Coaching) I met through you and XC.  So, while long overdue, today I received your monthly invitation and decided to email this quick note of appreciation.

Entrepreneurial women, such as myself, count on and continue to benefit from your support, energy and program. 

Continued success!   XC rocks!”

Ashley Bambarger
Freedom Business Support

“I have attended many networking events where I shook hands, handed out business cards, and left feeling that I had not truly connected with anyone.  At my first Xperience Connections event, I realized that I had found a place that allowed me to truly connect with women who were in need of my services. I always leave an XC event feeling as though I have gained much more than just a connections. I am so grateful for how XC has helped to grow my business and the great women I have met through it!”

Hannah Sledd
Turner Wealth Management

“I was so very motivated and amazed at the whole format and schedule for how the meeting was held.  The time flew by as each person got a chance to speak, to share exactly what their job was and how these connections and unique networking model has helped their business as well as their personal motivation.  I saw how each person benefited from these connections and from the mentoring Bonnie offered.  Her energy and enthusiasm for each woman was clearly heartfelt.”

June Renert
CRAA Trash Museum

“Just a quick note to share what I felt at the anniversary celebration on Aug. 24th. Whenever I think about what XC means to me I can’t help but get teary eyed. This year was my first time attending the celebration. All I can say is I feel very blessed to be a part of this wonderful group. We are supportive, inspiring, and an unstoppable force. When I heard of the goal to take XC internationally, I couldn’t help but to re-plant my feet in stone and join in to help blaze the trail to reach out and help empower other women just as I have been.”

Jackie Heard
Ocean Avenue

“I was so very motivated and amazed at the whole format and schedule for how the meeting was held.  The time flew by as each person got a chance to speak, to share exactly what their job was and how these connections and unique networking model has helped their business as well as their personal motivation.  I saw how each person benefited from these connections and from the mentoring Bonnie offered.  Her energy and enthusiasm for each woman was clearly heartfelt.”

Wendy Lovejoy
Business Coach with 5 Linx

“You have a talent for gathering carefully selected businesswomen who naturally resonate, support and share with one another. The masterminding was dynamic! Each lady attending connected with joy and authenticity amidst an environment conducive toward giving, then receiving.  Yours is a group committed to the success of all! I look forward to participating again!”

Phyllis Walker
Hummingbird Studios

“I enjoy the camaraderie of the ladies that is shared at each Xperience Connections networking session held. I am a people person and it feels so good to be in the company of motivated, smart ladies, who take their business serious. We eat, we share and we laugh. What a great way to spend an evening! Women business owners are setting a trend.”


Tanya Milton
VP & Advertising Director, The Savannah Tribune

“I am a certified relationships and personal development life coach. I attended two Xperience Connections meetings. I absolutely loved the format. I think it is very helpful to hear networking tips from others women. We all have different businesses and different approaches, but we have one thing in common: we are beautiful, talented and very empowering women.  Women Make It Happen!”

Galina Bannova
Certified Relationships and Personal Development Life Coach

“The professionalism and the caliber of gals that attend XC are amazing. I know I am a new comer but trust me when I tell you I AM IN!“

Bobbie Kern
Wine, Women & Wealth

“Xperience Connections is a great place to find partners and clients in business. The atmosphere is relaxed, giving you the opportunity to have great conversations while expanding your business network. I love it and always walk away with people I actually want to follow up with.”

Tamay Shannon

“I really enjoyed XC and everyone I connected with. I loved the diversity! It was a great evening and can’t wait for the next one! When I left, I felt more motivated, energized and excited about future possibilities and opportunities to enrich my business as well as others. ”

Kristen Morris
Hair Stylist

“I just experienced a fabulous evening. As usual, I appreciate the wonderful hospitality; XC meetings are a great place to meet and learn about other entrepreneurs in a relaxed setting and possibly connect with them for myself or refer others to them. It’s also a great opportunity to introduce my own business to others who may be interested in my product or who can offer advice or other possible leads. I’m so glad I found this avenue.”

Karen Harris Christian
Her Song Jewelry and Designs

“Xperience Connections was one of the best network meetings I have ever been to. The fact that each of us get a chance to tell everyone at the meeting about our business and give out our business cards makes networking effective. And I have made great connections since the meeting I attended at Bonnie’s home.”

Monique Sharp
Online Traffic Results

“Networking is about relationships and XC provides the best environment for meeting people and along the way we are making friends.  The meetings are comfortable, well organized and stay on schedule.  Xperience Connections makes a difference!”

Patty Peck
Keller Williams Realty

“As most of us know, networking is a huge part of the growth and success of any company. Though I have attended several meetings at various networking groups, I have found XC to be the most valuable. The meetings are not about passing around business cards to a room full of strangers, where maybe you speak to just a handful about your business.  XC meetings provide a forum in which you speak for 3 minutes about your business to a captive audience of women who quickly become your friends.”

Jennifer Riis-Poulsen
Powerhouse Self-Defence

“XC is my favorite networking place!  The venue is always welcoming, friendly, relaxed and supportive.  You have so many different XC locations that one can attend which I appreciate very much since my business is not territorial.  The XC ladies that you meet become friends as well as great business acquaintances.”

Brenda Drennan
Get It Together

“If I could sum up my feeling about XC, it would be happiness, growth, sisterhood, friendship and love.  Every meeting I have attended has reminded me that women have a special way of relating to each other.  The women at the meetings are not pretentious or self-centered.  They are interested in not sharing what they do but also what they can do to help you in your business or in your life.  The XC experience has helped remove my fear of sharing myself, and THAT does not come in a bottle!”

Gloria Jones
Team National

“I am flooded with gratitude, inspiration and love for what you have created.  You have not only connected thousands of women across the nation but have also provided an empowering framework for women to share their hearts, businesses and expertise.  You have blessed countless lives by your hard work, determination and passion to make a difference. “

Susan Brown
Impact Coaching


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