Spotlight on Hamilton Mill, GA
Diane Freeman & Stephanie Combes

Diane Freeman

Social Media

Ruby Ribbon/CharmedbyDiane

Dacula, GA 30019

I have been attending XC meetings since their inception when it was Joy of Connecting. I have met clients, business partners and friends through this form of networking.

I am super excited to be a Leader and I look forward to connecting beautiful hearts and minds.

In my business I teach women to dress to be seen heard and paid more. I offer expert personal branding advice/ experience and education as an AICI member, BS in Marketing and Social Media Certification

My favorite clothing line is Ruby Ribbon and I represent it. It is always so fun when I see a room full of women admit to being braless!

I'd love to see you at our next XC meeting, or reach out via phone or email. Let's Connect!

Stephanie Combes

Network Marketing
XC Leader

Cabaki's Catering

Sales/ Marketing
Dacula, GA 30019

I make memories! Being an event planner, I pride myself in making memories and setting the bar for experiences that last forever. My expertise is in hospitality and customer relations. When I moved to Georgia, I met an amazing member, Shan Thomas. She quickly got me in touch with Bonnie. It wasn't moments later, Bonnie made a personal phone call to me and invited me to my first XC meeting. I couldn''t believe the welcome and warm genuine connections I made my first night! This was above and beyond any networking group I have been apart of, and I immediately craved more. Bonnie reached out to me in becoming a leader. Her insight on my potential was motivating and powerful and I was ecstatic to become an XC Leader. Bonnie, and Shan are all wonderful examples of how true women market themselves. I have met some incredible women along the way and love to get to share my food every month!

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